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Registration Open — 19th Global Youth Justice Training, June 12-14, 2018 in Cape Cod, USA.

2018 January 16
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19th Global Youth Justice Training

World’s Most Replicated Juvenile Justice Program


Historic Provincetown in Cape Cod, USA

Tuesday to Thursday — June 12-14, 2018

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Oceanfront Resort Rooms

Global Youth Justice Trainings are subsidized, therefor, the Low $195 Registration Fee includes 3+ Breakfast Buffets, 3 Lunch Buffets, 3 Snack Breaks, 3 Days of Training and More. Rates for Oceanfront Standard and Ocean View Rooms at the Provincetown Oceanfront Resort and Conference Center are reduced for approved Global Youth Justice Training participants, so they are ONLY $89+ tax and $109+ tax from Sunday to Thursday Night and for people extending their trip on personal time, the rates are also reduced on Friday and Saturday before and after the Training. These Room Rates are $40.00+ Less Per Night for Registration Approved Global Youth Justice Training Participants, than rates available to the public. Resort Rooms can also be shared, and Registration is fairly 1st registered, 1st paid, 1st to get to book lower room rates first. AND, stay 5 or More Nights, and get an additional $15 MORE off each night at the Provincetown Inn — so take an extra vacation day or two, as you deserve it. Register early, as this training will fill to capacity. Please read eligibility criteria below, if you plan to attend and participate. And, by popular demand, BOTH Adults and Youth are Eligible to Attend this Global Youth Justice Training for the 1st Time.
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For the 1st time, Global Youth Justice is allowing BOTH Adults and Youth to attend the 19th Global Youth Justice Training Institute. Individuals and Teams of 2-7 adults and youth involved with and/or interested in learning about rapidly expanding Volunteer-Driven Teen Court, Peer Court, Student Court, Youth Court and Peer Jury Diversion Programs are the majority of participants. Participants are current, former, and newly interested individuals interested in Establishing, Enhancing, and Learning about these Positive Youth Justice Diversion Programs. Participants are primarily from Police Departments, Schools, Nonprofits, Probation Departments, Youth Services, Conflict Resolution, School Safety, Law-Related Education, Bar Associations, Youth Development, Social Entrepreneurs, Youth Bureaus, District Attorney and Public Defender Offices, Volunteer Organizations, Court Personnel, Foundations, Philanthropists, Board Members, Partner Agencies, Consultants, Native American and Alaskan Native Tribes and Villages, Juvenile Courts, Criminal Justice, Juvenile Justice and Youth Justice Agencies in the USA and around the Globe. Registration will fill to capacity, so if you are planning to attend — Register Early.
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Committee Members
Kari Poss, Columbia County Teen Court
Amanda Quinn, Hawaii’ Teen Court
Charlsie Cordova, Arizona Teen Courts
Jane Michaud, Project Youth Court
Nina Sousa, South Coast Youth Courts
Pat Faulkinberry, Bossier Teen Court
Elizabeth Hollingsworth, Webster Teen Court
Kristen Ivon, Merrimack Teen Court
Arianne Reyer, Nassau Youth Court
Maria Danisi, Huntington Youth Court
Karen Matz-L’HommeDieu, Southamton Youth Court
Susan Wathins, Independence/Jackson Youth Court
Keyria Rogers, Macon Teen Court
Carol Sabin, Global Youth Justice, Inc.
Scott Peterson, Global Youth Justice, Inc.
And MORE Committee Members and Presenters TBA.
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Honorable Arthur L. Burnett, Sr.

African American Historical Figure
Honorable Arthur L. Burnett, Sr.
Career Highlights
1965: U.S. Department of Justice, AUSA.
1969: 1st African American Federal Magistrate Judge
1950’s: Championed School Desegregation
1960’s: Justice Reform w/AG Robert Kennedy
1987: Presiding Judge, Superior Court, DC.
1995: Co-Founder, Youth Court of Washington, DC.
2004: Executive Director, National African American Drug Policy Coalition, Inc.
2010: Board of Directors, Youth Court of DC.
2017: Top Judge of Year Award, International Association Top Professionals.
2017: Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award.
2017: Founding Vice-President, Board of Directors, Global Youth Justice, Inc.
Judge Arthur L. Burnett, Sr. Name Judge of the Year


19th Global Youth Justice Training
Youth/Teen/Student/Peer Court
World Famous Provincetown
Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA
June 12-14, 2018
Tuesday to Thursday
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The Provincetown Inn Oceanfront Resort

World Famous Provincetown
Provincetown Inn Waterfront Resort and Conference Center
1 Commercial Street
Provincetown, Cape Cod
Massachusetts, USA
The Provincetown Inn
After registrants have registered, paid, and been approved, they are provided with the Code to book resort rooms at the reduced rates in the Global Youth Justice Contract with the Provincetown Inn Seaside Resort and Conference Center. Register Early — As Resort Rooms will fill to Capacity.
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20+ Presentations and Sessions on Youth/Peer/Student/Teen Court and Peer Jury Diversion Programs by adult and youth participants, and Global Youth Justice Trainers on topics to include Research and Data Collection; Funding Sources; Referral Sources; Marketing, Intake Meetings, Juvenile Crimes Referred; R-TORR Volunteer Management; Writing Grants; Social Media; Formalizing Essential Partnerships; Peer Imposed Mandated Community Service; Networking with Peers and Much More. A special focus will include a 12-Month Timeline to include the 10 Primary Operational, Programmatic and Administrative areas of these diversion programs to assist participant in Establishing and Enhancing a Youth/Teen/Student/Youth Court and Peer Jury Diversion Program. Registration will fill to capacity, so if you are planning to attend, Register Early. And, volunteer to be a presenter on the 2nd page of the registration form, as there are still slots for 15 individual and group presentations.
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19th Global Youth Justice Training

June 12-14, 2018

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and MORE
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More than 20+ Presentations at this Global Youth Justice Training this June 12-14, 2018 in World Famous Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA will be from adult and youth participants who volunteer to serve as speakers, and present on a wide range of topics related to World’s Most Replicated Juvenile Justice and Youth Justice Diversion Program, in addition to other structured training sessions for those interested in Enhancing and Establishing one of these Positive Youth Justice Diversion Programs. If you are interested in serving as a speaker, you can volunteer on the second page of the Registration Form on the Global Youth Justice Website.
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Historic Provincetown, USA

Don’t Miss Out on Optional Cape Cod Activities in Provincetown from the Famous Dolphin Fleet 3-Hour Whale Watch, Provincetown Trolley Tour, Visiting the Pilgrim Monument, Late Night Fishing Trip, Rent Bicycles, Beach Bonfire Party, Hike Historic Provincetown Dune Trails, 500+ Oceanside Shops from Provincetown Art Galleries, Shopping, Homemade Salt Water Taffy Plant, Great Seafood, T-Shirt Stores, Beautiful Ocean Sunsets, Ice Cream Shops, Sand Dunes Buggy Tour, and Much More.
Historic Provincetown, USA


Registration Questions
If you have questions regarding registration and other details surrounding the 19th Global Youth Justice Training on Teen Court, Youth Court, Peer Court, Student Court and Peer Jury Diversion Programs, you can may contact Global Youth Justice at and/or call (202) 468-3790. Registration can be completed by mailing the registration form to Global Youth Justice with a check and/or you can email the registration form to Global Youth Justice and we can send a secure paypal invoice, which allows participants to use a debit or credit card. Please note, you do not need to be a PayPal Member or user to pay by PayPal.
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