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New — Global Youth Justice Top 10 January e-News on Youth/Teen/Student/Peer Court Diversion Programs.

2017 January 17
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Around the Globe

Youth/Teen/Student/Peer Court

Youth Court Youth Judges/Attorneys Sworn In.
Kenai Peninsula Youth Court, Alaska
Morrow High Peer Court Students Sworn In.
Morrow High Peer Court in Georgia
Southold May Establish Youth Court for Non-Violent Offenders in New York.
Southhold in New York
Volcano School solves Bullying Issues with Student Led Court in Hawaii.
Volcano School in Hawaii
Greene County to implement Peer Court for Juveniles in Pennsylvania.
Green County in Pennsylvania
Peer Court Takes Shape at the School of Law in Texas.
St. Mary’s School of Law in Texas
Forsyth ‘Teen Court’ Program Prevents Youth Criminalization in North Carolina.
Forsyth Teen Court in North Carolina
South Coast Youth Court Secures State Funding
Massachusetts, USA
Nassau County Youth Court on Television
Nassau County Youth Court, New York
Project Youth Court and US Education Secretary
Youth Court in Connecticut, USA
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Putnam County Youth Court

New York


Happy 30th Anniversary to one of the World’s Longest continually operating volunteer-driven Youth Court Diversion Programs located in the great State of New York. A Shout-Out to Youth Court Director Barbara Reitz, who has served as the Director for 29 years. Another Shout Out to Adult Judges Spofford, Judge Jacobellis and Judge Reitz and the BIGGEST Shout-Out to 150+ Awesome Youth Court Youth Volunteers from Every School District in Putnam County, NY who are gathering to Celebrate on January 18, 2017. Putnam County Youth Court Website


98% Filled

15th Global Youth Justice Training

January 24-26, 2017

Registration is 98% Filled, with 105 of the 110 Training Slots Filled. Only 5 Slots remain for the 15th Global Youth Justice Training to Establish and Enhance a Youth Court, Teen Court, Peer Court, Student Court and Peer Jury Diversion Program in Las Vegas, USA at the Fremont Hotel and Casino this January 24-26, 2017. Participants are from 22 States, District of Columbia, 3 Countries and 7 Native American and Alaskan Natives Tribes and Councils. If interested in attending, you can call or email us to expedite registration prior to 1/23/17.
Registration Information



16th Global Youth Justice Training

Provincetown, Cape Cod, USA

June 13-15, 2017

16th Global Youth Justice Training on Youth Court, Teen Court, Student Court, Peer Court and Peer Jury Diversion Programs. The Agenda will comprise more than (25) Presentations by Adult Participants who volunteer to make peer-to-peer presentations. In 2017, this will be the 7th year in a row Global Youth Justice has convened this popular training at the Provincetown Oceanfront Resort and Conference Center on the tip of Cape Cod. Start planning, saving, and making plans to attend on your own or with a team of 2-6 adults from your community and register early, as this Training will fill to Capacity. A limited number of Slots for Youth Volunteering in these Programs will be approved to attend, and those interested should call or email Global Youth Justice. PLEASE NOTE: This Popular Training in Historic Provincetown, Cape Cod, USA will Fill to Capacity, and Registration is FAIRLY on a 1st Registered, 1st Approved Basis. Registration Open


Global Youth Justice Advances

2017 International Nonprofit Transition

With the successful transition of Global Youth Justice from an LLC to an International Nonprofit Corporation, in March, 2017 there will be a new expanded and updated Global Website launched by Global Youth Justice, Inc. on a record 1,700+ Youth Court, Teen Court, Peer Court, Student Court and Peer Jury Volunteer-Driven Youth Justice and Juvenile Justice Diversion Programs. More than 850+ Youth and Adults have sent new local websites and social media links on these rapidly expanding diversion programs. Watch for these updates and much more as Global Youth Justice, Inc. Transitions to a New International Nonprofit Corporation. Thus far, only 5 of the 15 Members of the Board of Directors have been selected to include Hawaii Teen Court Leader Amanda Quinn, George Teen Court Leader Kari Poss, District of Columbia Youth Court Leader Judge Arthur L. Burnett, Former New York Youth Court Volunteer Jonathan Halstuch, and Scott Peterson will serve as both Board President and CEO of the new International Nonprofit, Global Youth Justice, Inc. The 1st Board Meeting will take place on January 23, 2017 in Las Vegas, USA. New Global Youth Justice Website in 2017



Record 100+ Participants

15th Global Youth Justice Training Institute

January 24-26, 2017 in Las Vegas, USA

A BIG Shout-Out to 100+ Adult Participants attending the 15th Global Youth Justice Training this January 24-26, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA at the Fremont Hotel and Casino in the Historic Fremont Experience Area of Las Vegas. The 100+ Participants are from 22 USA States, Washington DC, 3 Countries and 7 Native American and Alaskan Native Villages, Tribes and Councils. A BIG Shout-Out to Jonathan Halstuch, Arthur L. Burnett, Kari Poss, Amanda Quinn, Gary Kepley, Christie Burnett, Renae John, Brianna O’Dell, Natalie O’Dell, H. Calvin Austin, Chareese Sheppard, Jennifer Beskow, Douglas Garner, Abigail Johnson, Lana Roper, Paul Hernandez, Yvette Williams, Kent Roberts, Immer Liza Ravalo, Cara Evans-Patterson, Celestine Ratliff, Catina Odom, Carol Leonard Reynolds, Judy Kroshus, Adrian Tom, Ned Minevitz, Vanessa Trevino, Gabe Quintanilla, Tracy Corwin, Rebecca Ling, Venus Woods, Kourtnee Carmack, Wesley Brewington, Cortney Boesdorfer, Danielle Felton, Miriam Bakunda Kanziga, Shelane D. Bell, Kathy Kelty, Anita Salas, Nichole Drummond, Donnie Schulz, Chris Conlon, CW Mullins, Amanda Alvarado, Heather Benjamin, Kristen Gaborno, Brittney Potter, Devon L. Lomayesva, Trecinna Lankford-Abundis, Anthony Zdroik, Dwight Lomayesva, Tamra Larsen, John Seese, Josh Simon, Bennett Chewing, Lee Clemons, Pat Faulkinberry, Elizabeth Hollingsworth, Stephen Price, Cari Emery, Bridget Jones, Ashley Blair, Tracy Evangelists, Lafayette Armstrong, Carolynn Laborin, Michael Sanders, Heidi Helm, Michael Kelly, Megan Crow, Tom Rose, Damon DeBernardi, Shad Bates, Brandon Schimelpfenig, Anthony Barton, Ryan Clark, Sarah Garcia, Anna Venable, Eric Williams, Michelle Tholl, Rich McMurray, Tammy Fields, Wendy Tucker, Jeff Lewis, Adrienne Freng, Adria Schiel, Steve Hamaker, Peggy Trent, Corrie Lyn Whitman, Felicia Cummings, Rebecca Albertson, Sarah Stockero, Michael Scott, Jason Petri, Shari Rogers, Carolyn Sheridan, Whytnie Martin-Sackett, Ernestine Gray, Desiree Cook Calvin, Tammy Stewart, Tina Brown, Kimberly Beshears, Miriam Bakunda Kanziga, Scott Peterson and MORE.
Upcoming Global Youth Justice Trainings.





On January 1, 2017, the Global Youth Justice @JuvenileCrime Twitter on Youth Court, Teen Court, Student Court, Peer Court, and Peer Jury Diversion Programs around the Globe passed the 50,000+ Milestone in terms of followers. See below for several local Twitters on these programs and visit the Global Youth Justice BLOG Link below for a Listing of Many More.

Salt Lake Peer Court, Utah
Follow @SLPeerCourt
Utah Youth Court Association, USA
Follow @UtahYouthCourts
Colorado Springs Teen Court, USA
Follow @CSTeenCourt
Vanderburgh Teen Court, IN
Follow @YouthResources
EL Dorado Teen Court, CA
Follow @TeenCourtPV
Global Youth Justice, USA
Follow @JuvenileCrime
Global Youth Justice BLOG Detailed Listing


RECORD 1,700+ Programs

Youth/Teen/Student/Peer Courts


As of January 1, 2017, there are a Record 1,700+ plus Communities around the Globe on 4 Continents are now operating one of these Rapidly Expanding Juvenile Justice and Youth Justice diversion programs commonly referred to as Youth Court, Teen Court, Student Court, Peer Court and Peer Jury — with hundreds more of these diversion programs in various stages of development.

This March, Global Youth Justice, Inc. will Launch a new Global Website on Youth Court, Teen Court, Student Court, Peer Court and Peer Jury Diversion Program. More than 875+ adults and youth have sent new and updated website and social media links to Global Youth Justice, which will be updated on our upcoming new Global Website listing the most Links in History on these programs. Check out the link below to see if your program is listed, and if not, please send any corrections to
Global Youth Justice Listing of Local Programs


Youth/Teen/Student/Peer Court
Peer Jury and Youth Peer Court
Visit the Global Youth Justice Website on Local, State, and National Research Reports, Data Collection and Professional Journal Articles on the World’s Most Replicated Juvenile Justice and Youth Justice Diversion Program. This list will be expanded in March, 2017, the new Global Youth Justice Website is Launched. Please send us any more research reports and data collection, as we are glad to share them with our Global Networks. Please email
Reseach Section of Global Youth Justice Website

Jazz-02 2

North Star Youth Court, Alaska
United Youth Courts of Alaska
Like many adults, Jazzanne “Jazz” first became involved with the Youth Court program when her child was volunteering for the highly regarded North Star Youth Court in Alaska. When the former excellent Executive Director Wendy Leach retired, Jazz applied and became the new Executive Director of the North Star Youth Court and soon her peers voted to appoint her the President of the United Youth Courts of Alaska. Global Youth Justice thanks Jazz for all she does, and we wish her luck, in her efforts to bring a team of volunteer youth and adults from the North Star Youth Court to the 16th Global Youth Justice Training this June 13-15, 2017 in Cape Cod, USA.
United Youth Courts of Alaska, USA
North Star Youth Court, Alaska
North Star Youth Court on Facebook



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Did you know that on August 8, 1944 a News Article in the Evening Journal in Lewiston, Maine, USA documented plans for establishing a Youth Court Program where peers would judge their peer for minor crimes and offenses. We are unable to determine if this possible plan ever came to fruition, but we were able to get a copy of the actual News Article in the Newspaper from 1944 and we have posted it on the Global Youth Justice Website.
August 8, 1944 — News Article


Teen/Youth/Student/Peer Court
Global Youth Justice has just added 15 more Facebook links to the GYJ BLOG Listing of 115+ Youth Court, Teen Court, Peer Court, Student court and Peer Jury programs on Facebook. If you are on Facebook, LIKE and SHARE these Facebook Pages. If you do not see your Facebook Page listed, just email or call us, and we will gladly add you to this List, which Global Youth Justice compiles for everyone. Check out the Global Youth Justice BLOG Link below to view these Facebook Links.
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The World’s Leading Voice, and Safety Net for Displaced, Abused, Malnourished, Sick and Suffering Children has issued an Urgent Appeal for Support given Historic Demands on them, as a Result of Multiple Wars and Large Scale Displacement Rates as Families Flee War Torn Areas and other Tragedies. Thousands and Thousands of Children have been Killed, and Many More are Suffering, and on the Verge of Dying. Please considering donating to UNICEF.
Donate to UNICEF



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Provincetown, MA, 02657


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