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New — Global Youth Justice Top 10 December e-News. #JuvenileJustice #YouthJustice #CommunityCourt

2016 December 21
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Teen Court Youth Volunteers Honored

On Friday, December 9, 2016 a Statewide Louisiana Training on Grant Writing and Teen Court, four (4) Awesome Teen Court Youth Volunteers were given awards in Shreveport, LA by Louisiana Teen Court Leaders Pat Faulkinberry and Elizabeth Hollingsworth. Global Youth Justice CEO Scott Peterson and Global Youth Justice Vice-President, the Honorable Arthur L. Burnett, Sr. were on hand to congratulate these Awesome Youth Volunteers, in addition to Teen Court Supporter Lee Clemmons, from the 26th District Attorney’s Office and more than 100+ Adults participants from all over the great State of Louisiana, USA.
Bossier Parish Teen Court

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David Garcia and Karen Lard-Garcia

New Mexico Teen Court Leaders David Garcia and Karen Lard-Garcia, are not only Longtime Teen Court Champions, but Husband and Wife. For 17 years, David Garcia has been the Executive Director of Teen Court of Leah County in New Mexico and Karen Lard-Garcia was the director of the Curry County Teen Court in New Mexico for 20-Years. Both David and Karen have held leadership roles in the excellent New Mexico Teen Court Association, with David recently just completing 2 1/2 Year Teams as President of the New Mexico Teen Court Association. Global Youth Justice is fortunate to call Karen and David our good friends and you both have done so much to make a better world for countless children and families through the years. Happy New Years and we especially send “Good Health Wishes” to Karen, who not too long ago had to stop working at Teen Court. Happy and Healthy New Years David and Karen.
Teen Court of Leah County
Curry County Teen Court
New Mexico Teen Court Association

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Arizona Teen Court Leader Charlsie Cordova Celebrates 15 years of Championing Teen Court on a local, state and federal level — in addition to actively supporting Global Youth Justice. Charlsie currently serves as the Division Director for Early Intervention at the Maricopa County Juvenile Probation Department in Arizona. She first became involved with Teen Court in 2002, when she served as the Teen Court Officer until 2006. Most recently, Charlsie once had a lead role in the Annual Arizona Teen Court Summit, which took place at the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix, AZ in November, 2016. MOST importantly, Charlsie is an awesome single mom, who raised a son named William, who has special needs and challenges. William is now a thoughtful and loving young man, and lives with mom, 3 horses, 2 dogs and a cat in Arizona. Photo of Charlsie and Global Youth Justice CEO Scott Peterson in Phoenix, AZ in November, 2016 at 10th Arizona Teen Court Summit.
Arizona Teen Court Association
Charlsie Cordova on LinkedIn



15th Global Youth Justice Training

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

January 24-26, 2017

Only 12 Slots Left

Registration is Now 95% Filled, with 98 of the 110 Training Slots Filled and only 12 Slots left for the 15th Global Youth Justice Training to Establish and Enhance a Youth Court, Teen Court, Peer Court, Student Court and Peer Jury Diversion Program in Las Vegas, USA at the Fremont Hotel and Casino this January 24-26, 2017. Participants are from 23 States, District of Columbia, 3 Countries and 7 Native American and Alaskan Natives Tribes and Councils. Due to the rapid continued expansion of these Youth Justice programs, in the USA and around the Globe, the Global Youth Justice Board of Directors has increased the size and number of trainings beginning in 2017. If you are interested in attending, you can call or email us to expedite registration before it is filled. Registration Information


Registration Open 1/1/2017
16th Global Youth Justice Training
Peer-to-Peer Institute
June 13-15, 2017
Provincetown, Cape Cod, MA, USA
16th Global Youth Justice Peer-to-Peer Training on Youth Court, Teen Court, Student Court, Peer Court and Peer Jury Diversion Programs. The Agenda will comprise more than (25) Presentations by Adult Participants who volunteer to make peer-to-peer presentations. In 2017, this will be the 7th year in a row Global Youth Justice has convened this popular training at the Provincetown Oceanfront Resort and Conference Center on the tip of Cape Cod. Start planning, saving, and making plans to attend on your own or with a team of 2-6 adults from your community and register early, as this Training will fill to Capacity. A BIG Shout-Out to Patti Hinrikus and her team of 6 adults from the Adams County Teen Court in Nebraska who already pre-registered. PLEASE NOTE: This Popular Cape Cod Training Will Fill to Capacity, and Registration is Fairly on a 1st Registered, 1st Approved. Registration Opens January 1, 2017



New Global Youth Justice Website

In January, 2017 there will be a new expanded and updated Global Website launched by Global Youth Justice, Inc. on a record 1,600+ Youth Court, Teen Court, Peer Court, Student Court and Peer Jury Volunteer-Driven Youth Justice and Juvenile Justice Diversion Programs. More than 850+ Youth and Adults have sent new local websites and social media links on these rapidly expanding diversion programs. Watch for these updates and much more as Global Youth Justice, Inc. Transitions to a New International Nonprofit Corporation.
New Global Youth Justice Website in 2017


Youth/Teen/Student/Peer Court
Many Youth Court, Teen Court, Student Court, Peer Court, and Peer Jury Diversion Programs around the Globe are Joining Twitter. See below for several and visit the Global Youth Justice BLOG Link Below for a Detailed Listing of Many More. Join Twitter!
Anchorage Youth Court, AK
Guadalupe Teen Court, AZ
Santa Cruz Teen Peer Court
Brunswick Teen Court, NC
Jefferson County Youth Court, NY
Global Youth Justice, USA
Global Youth Justice BLOG Detailed Listing


RECORD 1,600+ Programs

Youth/Teen/Student/Peer Courts


A record 1,600+ plus communities around the Globe on 4 Continents now operate one of these rapidly expanding cost-effective volunteer-driven Juvenile Justice and Youth Justice diversion programs to reduce the incidence and prevent the escalation of juvenile crime and incarceration rates.

In January, 2017 Global Youth Justice will Launch a new Global Website on Youth Court, Teen Court, Student Court, Peer Court and Peer Jury Diversion Program. More than 850+ adults and youth have sent new links to new program websites and social media links to Global Youth Justice. Watch for a new section on the new Global Website listing the Most Links in History on these programs. Global Youth Justice Listing of Local Programs

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Fun Facts

Did you know that in 2007, George Washington University Reported that there were 1,250 Youth/Teen/Student/Peer Court Diversion Programs in 2006. George Washington University also reported in 2006, that 116,703 juvenile referrals were made to these diversion program. And, they reported 133,832 volunteers were involved in these 1,250 programs, of which 16,522 were adults and 117,310 were youth. And, 1,734,771 community service hours were assigned by youth juries to youthful offenders who appeared in these programs. For more information, view this report on the Global Youth Justice Website.
George Washington University Youth/Teen Court Report


Teen/Youth/Student/Peer Court
Global Youth Justice has just added 35 more Facebook links to the GYJ BLOG Listing of 100+ Youth Court, Teen Court, Peer Court, Student court and Peer Jury programs on Facebook. If you are on Facebook, LIKE and SHARE these Facebook Pages. If you do not see your Facebook Page listed, just email or call us, and we will gladly add you to this List, which Global Youth Justice compiles for everyone. Check out the Global Youth Justice BLOG Link below to view these Facebook Links.
Global Youth Justice BLOG


Record 1-Million Books Mailed Monthly
Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is an Early Childhood Literacy Program which mails one (1) book per month to children from Birth to Age 5, for a Total of 60 Books Mailed to a Child. This Early Childhood Literacy Program is now the World’s Most Replicated Early Childhood Literacy Program around the Globe in almost 2,000 Communities. Global Youth Justice Congratulates the Dollywood Foundation and Thousands of Adults around the Globe for Passing a Record Milestone of 1,000,000 Books being Mailed to Children EVERY Month. For more information contact Executive Director Jeff Conyers at or President David Dotson at
Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library


The World’s Leading Voice, and Safety Net for Displaced, Abused, Malnourished, Sick and Suffering Children has issued an Urgent Appeal for Support given Historic Demands on them, as a Result of Multiple Wars and Large Scale Displacement Rates as Families Flee War Torn Areas and other Tragedies. Thousands and Thousands of Children have been Killed, and Many More are Suffering, and on the Verge of Dying. This Holiday Season especially, PLEASE considering donating to UNICEF, as Many of us at Global Youth Justice have done.
Donate to UNICEF

20161212 123258

Honorable Arthur L. Burnett, Sr.
Scott Bernard Peterson
Global Youth Justice Officials were recently recognized by the District Attorney and the Mayor in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA at a Statewide Louisiana Training on Grants and Teen Court. Global Youth Justice Vice-President Arthur Burnett and CEO/President Scott Peterson were Presented with a Key to the City by the Mayor and a Plaque by the District Attorney for their 20+ Years Championing Teen Court, Youth Court, Peer Court, Student Court and Peer Jury Diversion Programs. A VERY Special Thank You to Mr. Lee Clemmons from the LA District Attorney’s Office for Organizing an Excellent Event Attended by about 100 Adults from Across the State. We were glad to help Teach them Grant Writing and Most Importantly — help Build More Support for Teen Court Expansion in Louisiana and around the Globe.

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